About SamadhiSound

Samadhi Sound came into being as one possible blueprint for the future, intuition taking precedence over business sense and game plan. I don't make long term plans as I surrender that part of my life to guru. But if I allow myself to dream I dream of a label that gives freedom to artists and musicians, creating a 'safe house' for the nurturing of ideas. It will be home to much of my work and the work of my brother Steve Jansen. We will also sit at the helm as producers to a small group of artists who we hope will find a home at Samadhi Sound. We'll encourage projects that break new ground, and support those that bring a unique slant to an existing field of enquiry. Aesthetically that field is wide open as is the nature and diversity of the projects.

Putting together, joining or combining with (inst.), Laty.; a joint or a particular position of the neck, Kir.; union, a whole, aggregate, set, R.: Hariv; Ragh.; completion, accomplishment, conclusion, Kum.; setting to rights, adjustment, settlement, MBh.; justification of a statement, proof, Sarvad.; bringing into harmony, agreement, assent, W.; Rprat.; intense application or fixing of the mind on, intentness, attention MBh.; R. &c.; concentration, of the thoughts, profound or abstract meditation, intense contemplation of any particular object (so as to identify the contemplator with the object meditated upon; this is the eighth and last stage of Yoga); intense absorption or a kind of trance.

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